United Kingdom – 2019 (Second Version)

Having failed to win the support of parliament for the PM’s Brexit deal, the Conservative minority government is now on the verge of collapse. But can a general election break the deadlock?

Starting on the 11th of December with Theresa May’s defeat in the Commons, this is an updated version of the 2019 General Election. The polling hasn’t been updated (still Sept. 2018) but some of the parliamentary candidates have been updated from ConservativeHome, LabourList and a Lib Dem blog, (thanks Joe).

New Conservative leaders – Gove and Morgan (as well as May). New Labour leader – Umunna (as well as Corbyn and Thornberry). There’s also a few other updates based on feedback, and a slightly more realistic narrative (though still not a likely one!). Hope you enjoy.

United Kingdom – 2019 II


8 thoughts on “United Kingdom – 2019 (Second Version)

  1. Hi Josh – MEP Farage left UKIP recently, so he’s not a possible leader for them. There has been lots of speculation over new parties for and against Brexit, on the centre, the left and right. No such party has reached any prominence, though, and is unlikely to in the time this campaign covers

  2. The conservatives would never win Liverpool Wavertree. I think Labour should be the ones at 70%.

  3. You’re right, Civ5Guy — I did them manually so sorry. Unfortunately I’m not in a position to update anything at the moment, but when I am, I’ll fix this! Herschel

  4. Hey, would you consider updating this to include the new Independent Group? Love this campaign so thanks for creating this 🙂

  5. Hi Daniel — I’d love to if I get time, but it poses difficulties. How should opinion polling of TIG (around 10%, from about a quarter of Labour plus a little from the Lib Dems and Conservatives) be distributed in seats, especially if support is higher in areas where they are unlikely to field candidates? I’m hoping for some in depth polling, but it’s early days. I’d love to get any opinions on this.

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