United Kingdom – 2019 (First Version)

The Conservative minority government has announced that no deal has been reached with the EU just over two months before the Article 50 deadline. Without a majority for any kind of Brexit deal in parliament, it is time for the British public to return to the polls and break the Brexit deadlock once and for all.

United Kingdom – 2019

The balance of seats is actually taken from polling in September 2018 but is not implausible.

New leaders since 2017 – Sian Berry, Adam Price and Mary Lou MacDonald. Some possible leaders – James Cleverly, Emily Thornberry and Layla Moran…

The tendency towards two party politics also means that three campaigners are available to the Conservative and Labour leaders, representing their most senior allies. Facebook and Twitter have been added to the endorsers, as social media advertising is influential.

5 thoughts on “United Kingdom – 2019 (First Version)

  1. Looks good, played a very quick game. Few inital notes
    – Evfening Standard should start more pro-Tory as its very pro-Tory and even with Osborne as editor they will stick endorse May no matter what a bit like the Telegraph.
    -East Antrim was won by the DUP and said this was a gain even though they already hold the seat.
    -Sheffield Hallam maybe add Oliver Coppard as candidate as a temporary solution.

  2. Yah you’re right Milo – it was done fairly rushed and there’s stuff I still need to fix up, only not had the time. Hopefully I can get round to it before the end of this year!

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