1994 – House of Representatives (V.1)

1994 saw the Republicans gain control of the House for the first time since 1952. You now have the chance to change history or inflict a worse defeat for the Democrats. This has been built with the issues ported from vcczar’s 1996 Presidential election scenario

Whats included;

  • Republican, Democrat and Libertarian candidates and the top performing ‘Independent’ in each seat.
  • Official result adjusted for campaign (20% Undecideds subtracted)
  • Candidate strengths (4 for speaker/chief whip, 3 for incumbents, 2 for main challengers, 1 for other minor challengers)
  • Issues ported from vcczar’s 1996 Presidential election scenario
  • Surrogates

What is planned (other ideas welcome);

  • Additional parties (those with over 50,000 votes)
  • More surrogates
  • Money (currently set at 2014 rates)
  • State level turnout

1994 – House

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