1 thought on “US Election 2012 (VCCzar version)

  1. Some third party suggestions for this election.

    Libertarians – R. Lee Wrights, seems like he was the only one who posed a serious threat to Johnson receiving the nomination.
    Green Party – I suggest Jill Stein and Roseanne Barr as the candidates for this. The rest didn’t have support anywhere near their level.
    Constitution Party – Virgil Goode and Darrell Castle seemed to be the only ones with real support for this party.
    Justice Party – Seems like Rocky Anderson was the only one considered for the spot. If you want to add potential candidates, John Anderson (The same from 1980) and Kevin Zeese were the founders of it and seem like realistic alternatives.

    Another that I don’t really consider “major,” but figure could be a realistic candidate for addition to the game is the Peace and Freedom party. I only figure it’s major because it nominated a celebrity, Roseanne Barr.

    Now, on another note concerning potential candidates, Rocky Anderson was a registered Democrat until 2011 and was very critical of Obama. I think there was a very real chance of him running against the president in the primaries. Also, Ralph Nader endorsed the idea of Jim Hightower running as a progressive alternative and tried to persuade him to run; not sure if Hightower himself considered this, however. Another man named Alvin Greene considered running, and I only mention him because he openly said he was going to do it before declining to, he was a serious nominee for office at one point, and he sounds incredibly insane, haha. There were also two very minor candidates who were thought to have a real chance at upsetting Obama in certain states: Keith Russell Judd in West Virginia, and John Wolfe Jr. in Arkansas.

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