10 thoughts on “US Election 1996 (VCCzar version)

  1. “” is not a valid integer. This is on this campaign and the 1992 right when you try to launch it.

  2. @ryan
    I’m not getting these errors
    1. Are you playing my versions of these scenarios?
    2. Have you updated PI to the latest edition?
    Also if you can give me more specific, such as:
    Are you using only the default candidates? Are you starting in the primaries?

  3. I hate to be a pedant, but there is just one tiny little thing. Ross Perot is described as an independent when he was actually the candidate for the Reform Party, which I’m sure you already knew but didn’t have time to do in this release

  4. @LegolasRedbard

    Yeah. I’ll make that change in the final release. The 1996 election had been copied from 1992, so that’s probably why he was listed that way.

  5. Out of the new scenarios, only 2020 and 2008 seem to be loading. I get an error about the game being unable to find the path to various files when trying to load 1996, 1992, 2000, 2004, 2016 and 2012.

  6. @Jacob and @Tom
    Are you playing my version? Do you have the latest updated President Infinity?

  7. @jacob and @tom
    I’m not getting these errors, so I have nothing to fix. I think you need to update your version of President Infinity. Let me know if this fixes it.

  8. Hm… I was using the sneakpeak when the errors occured, and then switched to 2.4.9 (the latest normal version) and it still doesn’t seem to work. Maybe it’s connected to the placement of the PI files in the computer? Not sure.

  9. Hey, I downloaded it again and replaced the old files and now it seems to be working. Also updated back to 2.5.8. Thanks!

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