6 thoughts on “US 2016 Election (VCCzar Version)

  1. @Milo

    I thought Lincoln Chafee was already in my version? You sure he isn’t there? If not, I’ll add him (along with Lessig) to the scenario when I update it. I’m currently on 1812 and 1816, going in chronological order.

  2. Okay, these are all very good!
    I’ve been working on a House of Cards 2016 edition. I’m so confused as to how events work, and I was wondering if you (or anyone seeing this) who’s caught up to Season 5 of House of Cards would like to help me!

  3. I would suggest posting in the Forum about this. I know I’m too busy to help as I’m updating all the historical scenarios in chronological order. I’m on 1812 through 1828 right now.

  4. Okay, and do you know how to do that? I just posted here since you seem to be one of the more knowledgeable users.

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