2 thoughts on “1992 US Election (VCCzar Version)

  1. Just played as Perot, initally Duke won Tennesse,New Hampshire and Iowa but Bus every primary after that bit like 2016 early primaries don’t real effect results in the long run. Democrats see fine but maybe encourage drop out as Brown won by getting every other candiate to endorse him and gaining a majority of one. Democrats seem to gain an early lead which should be as big as it is in this game. Perot reaches a ceiling too early max vote I had was 13% even though I was getting news power in 100’s and had max campaign HQ’s maybe give Perot a boast. My game crashed a month towards the end so couldn’t finish it

  2. Thanks for the feedback. This game will be updated in a few months. The game crash is probably random, since the game doesn’t crashed when I space bar through it.

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