After two landslide victories over the Tories in 1997 and 2001, Tony Blair’s Labour looks to be in a more precarious position going into the 2005 General Election. Britain’s controversial intervention in Iraq with the USA has seen the Prime Minister’s popularity plummet, and the government’s polling lead narrow significantly as the troubled Tory opposition restores some semblance of unity under former Home Secretary Michael Howard, and the Lib Dems take advantage of their anti war stance to increase their support.

Can Labour overcome their difficulties to win a record breaking third term in the style of their past two triumphs? Or will the Tories be able to bridge the gap and form their first government in eight years? And can charismatic Scot Charles Kennedy lead his Lib Dems to he breakthrough to major party status that they have been aspiring to for so long?


United Kingdom – 2005

4 thoughts on “UK-2005

  1. An integrity rating of 5 for Ian Paisley is very inaccurate. He and Adams would get integrity of 2 at best.

  2. Very good, had a lot of fun winning as Blair and forcing the Tories into a worse result than 1997. Only a few comments I managed to hold a few seats such as Wimbledon and Wellingbourgh which Labour lost in 2005 but they counted as gains for some reason. I managed to hold off respect but I had too but alot of effort in with lots of footsoliders and campagins HQ so maybe nerf them a little as Galloway only won by one percent in real life.

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