1980 US Election

1980 US Election

This scenario is an updated/improved version of the 1980 scenario that comes with the President Infinity game. It was created by the Historical Scenario Commission on November 5, 2017. It can be downloaded here: United States – 1980 – VCCzar with endorsers

This scenario boasts more events, and includes the US Senators for every state. Additionally, the candidates have been adjusted for closer realism. A simulation party has been added so that you can “watch” the election. Other tweaks have also been made.

Feedback is desired.

4 thoughts on “1980 US Election

  1. @NYRepublican
    Thanks. I’ll make these changes on the “final” update. I realized the issue with the Simulation Party a few days after having uploaded it. I think the National Unity party might be off because the default is the primaries, and the party didn’t exist until later.

  2. John Rarick (Alabama Conservative/American Independent)
    Ed Clark (Libertarian)
    Barry Commoner (Independent/Citizens)

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