UK 1964 (Modded maps)

I have done a quick mod of this scenario to edit the map to have the default background

1964 – United Kingdom – Map mod

There is now a second version which uses the default map and regions

1964 – United Kingdom (Default map)

I’ve done an update to this 1964 scenario adding Hugh Gaitskill (LAB), Rab Butler (CON) and Jeremy Thorpe (LIB).

I had to leave Jeremy Thorpe’s platform to the default Liberal party as I haven’t been able to find definite policy positions for 1964.

1964 – United Kingdom (Default map) v.2

If this is a copyright breach, just let me know & I’ll remove.

7 thoughts on “UK 1964 (Modded maps)

  1. I can have a go at this, the constituencies may not be perfectly accurate geographically but they will be as close as possible

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  3. Could you perhaps add alternative routes such as Rab Butler as Tory leader or Hugh Gateskill as Labour leader?

  4. I’ll have a go but it may be tricky for some politicians as to how much info I can find on them.

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