4 thoughts on “1988 Election Beta”

  1. Do you mind if I edit the scenario and add events, edit the issues,etc?

  2. This is only the Beta, I plan to add events down the road, by all means you can, if you want you can be cocreator of this scenario.

  3. Thank you. Much appreciated. I’ll be working on it then. I’ll give you a heads up of what I’ve added and edited. 🙂

  4. Hello. This looks good but Dukakis starts out too far ahead. The early front runner was Gary Hart and when he withdrew the candidates that were left were known as ‘the seven dwarves’. Low name recognition and perhaps limited appeal left no clear front runner. (Dukakis, Gephardt, Jackson, Gore, Simon, Babitt, Biden) Apparently Dukakis only entered because Mario Cuomo didn’t. He had the name recognition and came from a big state.

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