Quebec 2014 provincial Election (for Infinity versions)

In 2014 the Parti Québécois, an independentist party in the center left which is in power since two years is looking for a majority to have the means to…maybe, call a referendum in the next years. The debate of the Charta concerning the religious values has given a strong support to the party which lead in polls. Can the PQ wins or will someone else would create the surprise?

Quebec – 2014 mod 2.rar

Please let us comments and ideas, I am hesitating to work on another electoral fights.

3 thoughts on “Quebec 2014 provincial Election (for Infinity versions)

  1. Pauline Marois was not, as premier, styled as the Right Honourable, in fact is was simple the Honourable, while Legault should just be called Mr. Phillipe Coulliard is styled as the honourable only because of his role on a Security Review panel long before.

  2. Thanks @TheMiddlePolitical for the comment :)! I wanted to improve a bit the presentation and I used the means we can have to.

    To Paul Adams thanks, it is a small detail but I did not enough checked to be sure about the title, I was a bit influenced by the british parliamentary rules, I will modify the official first letters.

    As I said on the forum I am hesitant to work on a 2012 mod, it would take less time to do than the 1st that I created from nowhere, and the three main parties were able to take power with a majority at this period so it could be interesting as much as to code some events, the “printemps érable” with its high strikes was one of the unic electoral moments for Quebec as Canada.

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