California Gubernatorial 2018

California Governor – 2018

Author: Anthony


The last time California had an open election for the Governorship, it became the most expensive statewide election in US history. With both the governor and senate seat up in 2010, the republicans were on the verge of actually winning some statewide seats. 8 years later after Jerry Brown 2.0, California still faces many problems that the growing electorate seems eager to simply find anyone who can make the state better. While California is difficult for a republican to win, a new crop of California GOP faces (something CA Republicans have not had in over a decade) look poised to put it back into play. But with democrats already having a full bench of experienced and top shelf names such as Gavin Newsom, Antonio Villaraigosa and others running, can the republicans win the Governorship?

Notes — Many candidates have already declared their candidacy (mainly on the democratic side) and others are speculating a run and have been included regardless. Those already declared are on by default, those likely to run are also on by default, those genuinely on the fence are turned off for the time being, but feel free to use them. As time passes and the race develops I can continue to update if there is enough interest. Also I can do remakes of the 2010 versions of the CA Governor and Senate races if there is interest. This is my first so any and all feedback is appreciated.

5 thoughts on “California Gubernatorial 2018”

  1. Could you add Loretta Sanchez for the Democrats?

    While she lost the Senate race this year,she did say that she’d be back or something to that effect.

  2. I will be updating candidates (turning some off by default who have declared to not run, and creating a few new ones who will be running), updating poll numbers, and adding the entire state and county level endorsers in the next update.

    To answer the specific questions posed, I will add Loretta Sanchez if she expresses interest in the contest. I agree. And I apologize, but it took me over a month to do this one, and without a firm grasp of Wisconsin state level politics, I don’t believe I could create one.

  3. I am posting a new update of this today in a new post. Please continue to leave your thoughts, suggestions and what not in the comments! Thanks, hope you enjoy!

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