1960-A time of Change

I will be making a 1960 presidential official election scenario do too release this week.

With help from Jonathen Kudelka,vcczar,jvikings2,conservative elector 2




-John F. Kennedy

-Lyndon B. Johnson

-Sturat Simington

-Hubert Humphrey

-Paul C. Fisher

-Robert B. Meyner

-Wayne Morse

-George Smathers

-Adlai Stevenson


-Richard Nixon

-George H. Bender

-James M. Lloyd

-Nelson Rockefeller

-Cecil H. Underwood


-Harry F. Byrd

Civil Rights:(off)

-Martin Luther King Jr.

What Ifs? All off

-Malcom X Civil Rights off

-Rosa Parks Civil Rights off

-JFK Civil Rights off

-Ronald Reagan Democrat off

-Strom Thurmond Dixiecrat off

-Harry F Byrd Democrat off

-Eisenhower Republican off

-Douglas MacArthur Republican off

-Robert Taft (died in 1956) Republican off

-Thomas Dewey Republican off

-Harold Stassen Republican off

-George Wallace Democrat/Dixiecrat off

-Pat Brown Democrat off

-Gerald Ford Republican off

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