8 thoughts on “2020”

  1. Three plausible parties I could see would be:

    1.) Democrats split into a Democratic Socialist and a traditional Democratic Party. Affiliates for the DS aside from the usual is a conglomeration of Greens, the Mountain Party in W.Va., the Working Families Party in NY and Wisconsin, maybe even a split of the Farm-Labor from the Dems in Minnesota.

    2.) Republicans split into a formalized Tea Party and a tradition GOP. Affiliates of the Alaska Independence Party, the remains of the Reform Party, etc. Maybe use a Trump-Carson third party as an impetus.

    3.) Both of these happen and there is a strong Independent Party, funded by Bloomberg and Buffett, that is the US version of a Liberal Dem party from the UK.

  2. I’d say the Democratic Socialists may call themselves the Progressive Party or the Social Democrats, to avoid the Socialist label. The Tea Party hodge-podge would probably go by the American Party or Liberty Party.

    Several Independent candidates could also run.

  3. I vote we blow it up completely. Five political parties: Conservative (right-wing everything), Progressive (left-wing everything), Populist (left-wing economic, right-wing social), Libertarian (right-wing economic, left-wing social), and Center (centrist everything). National defense/Foreign policy can be left to primaries.
    One obvious problem: the Populist, Libertarian, and Center candidates will aggregate out as “centrist”, so the engine might have some Populist endorsers support a Libertarian by mistake. Which is why they would have to be based on individual issues until the engine can be taught to allocate endorsers by the sum of squares of the issues instead of strict average.

  4. Might as well have 50 candidates for each party that is strong in a single state, so it is a true battle! Each accurately reflects that wing of the party in that state.

  5. I haven’t forgotten bout this I have just been really busy. If gotten a lot done on this and am hoping to release an early version soon.

  6. Anyone for bringing this back alive?

    If so — Evan McMullin should start a moderate/conservative third party strong in states with strong Mormon populations like Utah. Glenn Beck signs on as either a leader, vp, or endorser.

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