2016 Election – Trump/Carson 3rd Party


What if Trump and Carson do leave the Republican Party, taking half of their supporters with them? Does America slowly devolve into a one major party state?

Republicans nominate a moderate conservative, rather than resigning the party to radical members. The establishment has three months to convince Trump supporters to unite in order to prevent a Democratic 3rd term and avert the worst Republican defeat since LBJ crushed Goldwater in 1964.

The Democrats appear to have an easy victory, facing a split Republican Party. Can Clinton coast to a mandate or will she under perform due to a perceived easy win?

The Independent Party under Trump are composed of a hodge-podge of unhappy Republicans, independent conservatives and people that vote only for celebrities that they’ve heard of. They are tired of the establishment Republicans, and seem bent on dragging their former party down, rather than working with moderates to prevent Hillary Clinton from winning.

Could this election be the last of the Republican Party? Could it result in a new major party, several major parties, or leave one major party to dominate the country for elections to come?

Beta 1.0

Beta 1.1 – Trump Party now on all ballots.

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  1. Hmm… What if both Sanders and Trump split from the primary parties? What if the US had four viable candidates in the 2016 election? Cruz, R; Clinton, D; Sanders, G; Trump, I? What would that look like?

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