President Infinity 1900 Election


*This scenario was greatly updated by the Historical Scenario Commission on August 28, 2017. It can be downloaded here: United States – 1900 v. 2.0

The 1900 election was a rematch between William McKinley and pro-labor, pro-silver Democrat, William Jennings Bryan. Both nominees were virtually unopposed. McKinley’s reelection seemed pretty much assured as the economy was strong and he had just won the Spanish-American War.

The election allows for some what-if scenarios so that these candidates face some competition:

  • What if Governor Theodore Roosevelt attempted a premature run for president?
  • What if leading progressive Republican, Robert La Follette ran against McKinley?
  • What if wealthy, pro-labor publisher, William Randolph Hughes, ran for president?
  • What if Grover Cleveland, the pro-business, pro-Gold Standard former president ran for a 3rd non-consecutive term?
  • Admiral George Dewey, a hero of the recent war, wanted to run for president, but the media slammed him for his gaffes and his obvious political naivety.

Feedback to improve the scenario is desired.

9 thoughts on “President Infinity 1900 Election”

  1. YES! McKinley is one of my favorite presidents. I have a vintage 1896 newspaper when he won the 1896 nomination with Garrett Hobart. Can’t wait until the 1880 one to have Winfield Scott Hancock defeat Garfield.

  2. @Nick That’s really great.
    @vcczar Love your scenarios, really excited for 1896.

  3. I’m apart of APIC and I try to collect as much as I can. The newspaper was my sweet sixteen gift.

  4. @vcczar Will you ever reconsider making scenarios past 1960? Anthony will probably not make the scenarios for months, and since you are such a great scenario designer, it would be very fun to play those.

  5. @Bubbles
    I might, but it won’t come before I head all the way back to 1788/1789 election, and then update the scenarios from the first election back to 1956. I’m less interested in those episodes, so it isn’t urgent for me. I would hope someone else would pick those up. I can help with advice. If no one picks them up by the time i work myself up to them, then I’ll do them.

  6. Prohibition – John G. Woolley, Silas C. Swallow
    Populist – Wharton Barker, Milford Howard

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