England – 2015

England – 2015

At election 2010, Gordon Brown’s Labour were absolutely trashed by David Cameron’s Conservatives. Brown resigned immediately. In 2011, the United Kingdom imploded after Scotland voted for independence, resulting in a domino effect, with Northern Ireland declaring independence in 2012, and Wales sticking it out until 2014. This is disastrous for Labour, who have lost many of their heartland areas of solid Labour, and there is a fear that in this political climate of parties, that Labour will never return to power and the English Tory vote is too strong in the midlands and southern counties. In a change of face, Labour, along with the Liberal Democrats, who maintained most of their seats last election form an alliance. In this first modern England general election, can the Lab-Lib Alliance thwart the “invincible” Tories?

6 thoughts on “England – 2015”

  1. Worst scenario yet…I get the fictionalization, totally even though it would never happen. But everything afterwards is horrible. It includes the conservatives, a Lib-Lab alliance, a super powerful racist formation of the BNP and Eng Dems, the greens, and independents. Basically when I like to play a scenario, it’s okay if its weird (meaning the background) but it’s just not professional. The Conservatives are SUPER POWERFUL, no way to win. In fact the goal of the Lib-Lab pact is to become the minority. The racist party is also way to powerful and leads me to believe either there is no thought put into this or the creator was biased.

  2. @ Michael

    This scenario was created around 2009 if I remember correctly, so before the C-LD coalition was formed. The BNP was also much more electorally successful back then. But I agree that the Conservatives shouldn’t have as big of a lead as they do.

    On another note, there was also a “2008 – The Tory Fightback” scenario. Despite the name, it was a fairly accurate representation of the political scene at the time, and it’s not too difficult to win as Labour. Would the person who uploaded this scenario be kind to also upload that one as well (if they have it of course)?

  3. Hi there,

    I think it would be great if someone could do a 2015 general election scenario as realistic as possible.

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