Zimbabwe – 2008

Author: Sandy McLachlan


Zimbabwe - 2008

It has been six years since Robert Mugabe’s Presidency was contested by his arch rival Morgan Tsvangirai. Now the country finds itself torn between the legacy of the ZANU PF and the rising tide of the MDC. With the progressive factions gaining traction, Mugabe faces the reality that he could lose control of the House of Assembly for the first time since independence.”


Note: This scenario was designed using Prime Minister Forever – Canada 2006 v. 1.03.7

5 thoughts on “Zimbabwe – 2008”

  1. The background is great, but the events need work. The scenario is wayyy too easy to win as Mugabe- I’m willing to make some changes to it to make it similar to Nyarai, if that has your approval.

  2. I don’t know what Nyarai is but I do acknowledge that there is probably room to improve the electorate trends. Perfecting that aspect of the game has never been my strong suit. I didn’t venture into any event momentum calculations as my objective was to prevent results that deviated significantly from those in reality. The ideal range would be 85 – 115 seats for both the main contenders with 110 their objective total. I was unable to tighten the game up enough to achieve this 19/20. If you think you can improve the mechanics of it be my guest and I’ll be happy to credit you.

  3. Can I just say that this is one of the nicest scenarios in a very long time. It’s really great and well-researched. And I disagree it would be unbalanced. In real life Tsvangirai would also have had a difficult time to win the election.

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