United States 1996


Bill Clinton has held office for four years and achieved record approval ratings, but the country is still in a recession and Clinton’s integrity is in question. Ross Perot has formed a new party with the intention of running again, as he did in ’92. Will the Republicans be able to put up a sizeable challenge to Clinton, or will Clinton win in a landslide as he did historically?

Author: Patine

2 thoughts on “United States 1996”

  1. Patine,
    You may want to correct your scenario description, because in nineteen ninety-six the country had an unemployment percentage of around five percent. That is considered normal, and the nation was not in a recession but in a period of economic growth (why Clinton was re-elected in the first place). Otherwise, a great scenario.


  2. i think you’ve done wrong its a good scenario well done but as i remember you should have done an Earlie positive event saying the Economy was Strong as a roller coaster that’s wrong when you put it as a recession and when it comes to the whitewater scandal you’ve to far putting the Clinton momentum down it should been medium but you done well needs more improvement but im making a 1968 scenario

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