Australia – 1996

Note: this scenario is designed for Prime Minister Forever – Canada 2008, not Prime Minister Forever – Australia 2007.

Author: RI Democrat


Australia - 1996

Australia – 1996

“After 13 years of Labor government, the Liberal/National Coalition have gained strong traction on a message of focusing on more basic issues as opposed to Prime Minister Paul Keating’s emphasis on the so-called “Big Picture.” But given Keating’s victory in the supposedly “unwinnable” election of 1993, no one is counting Labor out as the campaign gets under way.”

3 thoughts on “Australia – 1996

  1. Is this working properly? Why does it go to some glitchy US election…says does not support party colour and 92 index are out of bounds. Please help!

  2. Note: you may get the error John describes above if you try to run this scenario in Prime Minister Forever – Australia 2007, instead of the game it’s designed for (Prime Minister Forever – Canada 2008).

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