Liverpool Westminster Election – 1983

Prime Minister Forever – British Version

Author: Treasurer of the PC


Liverpool Westminster Election - 1983
Liverpool Westminster Election – 1983

“Due to the global economic slowdown and Prime Minister Thatcher’s modernising of industry – closing down the mining idustries – has lead to Liverpool having the highest unemployment rates in the whole of the UK. 12,000 people each year is leaving the city, so population is dwindling. An astonishing 15% of the city land is vacant or derelict. There is also tension over immigrants, leading to The Toxteth riots, over the Government’s inability to do anything about the poverty and rising immigration. Liverpool has become a solid pro-Labour city. The Conservatives currently have 2 seats but are in danger of having no seats here, with the new major boundary changes also playing it’s part. Not to mention the city losing 2 seats, from 8 to 6. The Liberals, now the SDP-Liberal Alliance, hope to maintain their 3 seats. So will it be a Labour whitewash, or has Britain’s victory in the Falklands War saved Thatcher’s blushes?”

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