Kanchelska – 2008

Prime Minister Forever – British Version

Author: Treasurer of the PC


Kanchelska - 2008
Kanchelska – 2008

“Since the break-up of the Soviet Union, Kanchelska has elected a Communist Party to Government since. It is isolated by former Soviet States which have now ditched Communist parties from government. It is thought this has remained because many Soviet supporting Slavs of Russian descent have immigrated here, attracted by flat taxation and a rotation policy used in the employment which tries to help the most poverty-striken. Many Russian slavs have settled in central Kanchelska, but this has caused much rife with Polish speakers, who make up most of the population, along with a Ukranian minority to the east. The country has seen tragic events such as a nuclear accident in 2001, killing and contaminating hundreds, as well as the Slavic Riots of 2007. This has made this country one of the poorest in Europe.”

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